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Negotiating Elite

Sandler Masterclass for Business Success

2 Sessions: August 1 & 2 | 9am - 4pm
Attend In-person or Online 

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What's Your Negotiating Intelligence?

Does your sales team understand the key differences between the selling and negotiating processes?

Learn a three-step process that identifies and overcomes common obstacles in sales negotiations.

This masterclass is only offered 1X/year and will teach tools, techniques, psychology, and strategy for more effective negotiating. Participants will practice and implement the negotiating system that will enable you to close more business, retain your margins, and have a system to negotiate.

If you or your company are ...

  • Lacking a system to rely upon when faced with a "ask" for a lower price or concession to your proposal
  • Frustrated that you often come out on the short end of negotiating outcomes
  • Concerned that you’re giving up too much margin and profit
  • Upset with losing control of negotiating interactions with your clients/customers
  • Angry that you gave up profit in the past 6-12 months during a negotiating process

If any of this sounds familiar, join us in our training center or online for these live, hands-on sessions.

You will learn ...

  • How to understand and deal with strategic negotiators
  • How to identify sources of negotiating leverage
  • How personality, style, and persuasion affect outcomes
  • The most common negotiating mistakes
  • The top 12 gambits negotiators use and the countermeasures
  • How to break through apparent impasses
  • How to make strategic concessions
  • How to prepare for your next negotiation

This Masterclass is designed for business owners, sales managers, outside and inside sales representatives and anyone who is tasked with negotiating more profitable and productive deals for their company, their organization, or themselves!

Attendees will receive:

  • A copy of Clint Babcock's book, "Negotiating From the Inside Out"
  • A Concession Strategy Template.

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Important Details:

Sessions will be facilitated by experienced, Sandler certified instructors.  You have the option to attend in person or online. 

Location: In person or Online  

Join us in our training center:  7230 Engle Rd., Suite 309, Fort Wayne, IN 46804

Online:  Zoom link will be provided to those who attend virtually

Question?  Call us at 260-399-5913

This is the only time this Masterclass will be offered this year - Don't miss out on this EXCLUSIVE opportunity!