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Sandler by Wilcox & Associates, LLC | Indiana | North Carolina | 260-399-5913

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Sandler Training Charlotte. Sales Training That Helps North Carolina Businesses Grow

Sandler Training is proud to serve businesses in Charlotte, NC and the Piedmont Region with sales training, professional coaching, leadership development and business consulting services.  

Office hours are Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm.

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Office phone: (704) 561-1201

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The Lighthouse is grateful for the time and training that was provided to us by Jim Wilcox and the team at Sandler.  The 2023 Non-Profit Scholarship made a HUGE impact on the way we do business at The Lighthouse and we have already seen donations increase by putting the simple Sandler techniques into place.  The training has been fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone!  

Dr. Brandon Bower, Senior Pastor and Founder, The Lighthouse